Wallflower #39

Wallflower #39

This is an original abstract painting (titled "Wallflower #39") done on a 12x18" panel board with acrylic paint and mediums that GLOWS under blacklight. The color scheme was inspired by the flag in the music video for "Thanxx" by Ateez and is 3/4" thick. Here is a breakdown of the colors used in case you are trying to match something:

- light background color: red (doesn't glow, but does get brighter under blacklight)
- dark background color: black
- accent color: neon green (this is the part that glows)
- finish: matte w/ gloss accent color

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!

P.S. If these colors aren't your thing, I take COMMISSIONS! I can create a custom painting for you using whatever colors you want and can paint them on bare pieces of canvas for easier framing, heavy art boards, or stretched canvas. Contact me for details. :)